The New Nigerian Scam: Con Artists Finding New Ways To Steal Money | CNBC

West Africa has become a hot bed for con artists finding new ways to steal your money to the tune of $2 billion. Andrea Day reports.
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The New Nigerian Scam: Con Artists Finding New Ways To Steal Money | CNBC


40 thoughts on “The New Nigerian Scam: Con Artists Finding New Ways To Steal Money | CNBC”

  1. Most Americans believe in an old man with grey hair living in the clouds watching everyone and so it's easy to believe in anything. These people who are scammed are mainly Americans. Your most heavily guarded airspace was penetrated by some dude living in a cave in Afghanistan. You've been watching too many Walt Disney movies. Wake up idiots before it's too late for all of us. America you epitomise everything that's wrong with being human.

  2. There is no reason to justify fraud.Am Nigerian..most of the cases here are stall.the real psychology behind this is the huge resources the USA government have stolen from the country and taken back home to enrich it's land.oil , it.This gives this guy the heart to go ahead with this crime.My Ethereum account was back.. guess what the hacker UP is new York.I will cover the other side of this story too.There is a huge internet crime from Europea than most of you know.And Believe me..starting the whole Nigerian organization share from this is an error..You have to answer .It's a pity some innocent individual have to suffer this..Return the oil monies stolen from Nigeria and moved to your country then you can have the moral right to talk to Nigeria.

    ISOLATE PEOPLE at a young age
    DECEIVE them into believing social media makes them more popular better able to meet a variety of people

  4. Why do western people combined Africa into one? Why use the whole continent name in order to just name Nigeria or any other place is it pure stupidity and ignorance? I’m from Somalia Africa and what happens in Nigeria has no relations to me but since my continent is brought in to it now I’m smeared by attributing the wrong to Africa. Why is it necessary?

  5. It's true all the dating sites and chatting app every where Nigerian people's she said hi am from Usa im in Nigeria now for inspection or for project so add me on what's app +234….. After they making a story my parents was dead in car accident and im only single daughter like like I see so many people's complaints here after losing money it's happened with me also but I didn't send the money to fake girl not maybe they are boys but they have a big gang and big networks there so please be careful guy's thanks

  6. i'm a Nigerian and i'm so proud to be one, it hurts me so bad to know that we are only known for scams, i only have the victims to blame. Mind you, there are scammers every where.

  7. I cannot begin to understand how anyone can fall for this. The past month for some reason I have been inundated with dozens of "men" interested in me on Facebook. Sadly for them, I'm single and alone but far from lonely. I'm not not naive and I also know how to reverse search a photo which usually results in clearly showing the profile photos are stolen. I finally had to put up a warning on my Facebook profile to not bother to try. I cannot EVER imagine actually feeling close enough to send money someone I've never met or any other "errands" they may ask. How do people fall for this?

  8. Pls Nigerians are not that bad.
    There are some hardworking dudes here also.
    Proudly Nigerian.

    But y'all Americans are complaining where were u when your forefathers were shipping we Nigerians and Africans as slaves.
    I guess this is your karma.

  9. Well I got scammed and because the.scammer said he felt really bad (not that I got my money back) he told me how it was a scam how it worked ECT I handed everything over to police and they handed it to how it go to and I'm in (Scotland

  10. As much as they don’t trust black people 2 black people walk in and ask for 200,000. Here’s a note, minor things being sold to you and it turns out to be junk, no problem. But when it comes to major things u have to research a company and ask questions.

  11. Look, I understand people wanting to have companionship. That inherent need in people often blinds them what should be recognized as someone using them. When someone gives one excuse after another as to why they can’t seem to meet up with you in person, that should be a big fat red flag. How these people keep forking out money to these vile scammers is beyond me.

  12. Don't rely on just 1 picture of someone who looks attractive. Have them send many pictures. For example, tell them to send you a picture of them pinching there ears or making a funny face😋. They can claim to be someone else, more likely an attractive person like a model just to get your attention. Also, tell them you want to share all those pictures with there Facebook friends, the more the better,😀👍

  13. I usually get a scam once every year on facebook, usually a woman that's WAY out of my league adds me and wants to be friends and you can just tell its a typical Nigerian scam. I'm sorry, I maybe lonely and depressed but I'm not stupid enough to believe a 10 is interested in me just because they are stuck in Nigeria and need some money to get out. Once they mention Nigeria, or ask for a loan that's the red flags of a scam.

  14. When are we going to get serious about these scammers? These guys brag about it. They aren’t that hard to find. Set up a department that does nothing but go after the scammer and the governments who look the other way allowing these guys to operate. Along with that more public education on how to spot this.

  15. I wouldn't give anyone one cent online, not for anything, in fact, I wold be highly suspicious the second they had the audacity to ask me for money when they hadn't even met me yet. Who would want such a person? Some must be desperate.

  16. This message is for Don dressel I am so terribly sorry to hear that your wife got caught up in that scam. And also that it ruins your marriage.. people never learn I also hope that if you had children that they're not too devastated about you splitting.. keep praying if you prayed on and the Lord will bring you someone else in your life that you're meant to be with. Good wishes.. to you and yours

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