Nigerian Soldiers Threaten SaharaReporters Crew On Accident Scene In Nigeria

Nigerian soldiers and policemen, including a man in orange T-shirt on the scene of an auto accident between Lokoka and Okene threatened to eliminate our crew members after we stopped to assist accident victims on the road.

When we arrived the scene, we met a police team, and was later joined by Federal Road Safety (FRSC) officials who did their best to assist the victims. The police team didn’t do much, they stood by watching the victims until our crew insisted they take a woman and her two kids to the hospital, however, they flatly refused to take her until they collected money from our team claiming they had no petrol to run their vehicle to the nearest hospital.

Later a group of soldiers arrived the scene in a Nigerian Army pick up van, they too refused to assist the victims claiming they needed to get an order from their superiors since they could tell if the victims were terrorists.

However, callous men in uniform and their civilian collaborator in orange T-shirt would later pounce on our team as we made to leave the scene. First, they asked why we took pictures of the scene, we quickly told them we are reporters and took time to explain and also protest such brazen harassment of our crew considering that we’ve been the ones helping the victims while the man in orange T-shirt and others were taking pictures leaving the victims in pain.

The soldiers, policemen and the man in orange held secret meetings behind our back and decided to thoroughly “deal” with us if we refuse to let them see our footage and delete them. We protested further and what followed was a series of threats by these uniformed men, especially the soldiers who threatened to eliminate us.


26 thoughts on “Nigerian Soldiers Threaten SaharaReporters Crew On Accident Scene In Nigeria”

  1. Naija! I cannot believe these public servants are still allowed to misbehave like this! Attacking helping journalists instead of trying to clear the road and help victims. By the way, what are soldiers doing there anyway? Road safety were the only people doing their jobs there considering there was no ambulance. God help the stupid lawmakers that allow soldiers to roam free on public roads when they should be confined to their barracks! I left in early 2000's and its so sad to see not many things have changed….wonder why most of my naija brothers and sisters escape at the first opportunity. President u better wake up and do something before all our talent abandons this beautiful country of ours!

  2. These fuckers are putting injured accident victims bleeding and in pain at the back of a freaking pick-up truck? I love my dear country but this is why folks like us overseas are not returning any time soon. what a shame ! All they cared about was who took photos. No ambulance to transport the victims to the hospital,but yet the law makers and governors live like kings and lords.

  3. Nigeria police and army, are so backward,  they are not well trained, they are soooooo!!!! inexperience in police duty, see how they are more concern about who took photos and who did not too photos while the victim of the accident, are bleeding and havn't yet been taken the the hospital. what a shame.

  4. if there is democracy in nigeria please keep it to yourself in nigeria  and share it with boko haram! leave zimbabwe alone with our more resourcefull intelligent and VERY DEMOCRATIC LEADER!

  5. It was a terrifying experience for me when I visited Nigeria recently. It was more embarrassing for me because I grew up in Nigeria and I use to be a regular user of Lagos-Ibadan- Ado-Ekiti expressway; notorious for frequent ghastly car crash.

    There is no doubt about the fact that Nigeria roads are well constructed but not properly maintained.

    No speed limit signs or road markings on most of the roads. It's always a "Formula One" race between public transport buses carrying excess passengers and private cars. You won't fail to notice rickety trucks and SUVs contesting for every space on the roads.

    Hardly everyone neglects the basic driving rules of using vehicle light signals. All results to hooting loudly to make their presence known to other road users.

    Every two kilometers on Lagos-Ibadan and Ibadan Ife express way, you won't fail to notice mangled vehicles involved in previous accidents Still on the roadside. Ironically it does not seem to serve the purpose of warning drivers about the menace of the highway.
    Despite the fact that european roads is not completely accident free there is swift emergency response in place to care for victims.
    Sadly, I've lost several close relatives and friends over the years to road accident in Nigeria.
    If there is proper statistics of road accident victims, There will be no doubt about the fact that "Nigerian roads is deadlier than BokoHaram".

  6. Lately, the conduct of your journalists has been a total disgrace. Maybe this is the kind of reputation sahara reporter's want to set for itself. After acting in a very unprofessional manner towards Robert Mugabe, you back it up with another rude, bossy display with law enforcement personnel. That journalist is lucky he didn't get arrested after his display.
    Anything worth doing is worth doing well. If you want to interview one of Africa's worst leaders, ask intelligent questions, do not apply pressure and do not interrogate. If you want to help accident victims and you're approached, simple dialogue will get you out of unnecessary troubles. You even have cameras to help you incase of any injustice. I'm disappointed with that particular reporter. Its no surprise he was also involved in interrogating Mugabe.

  7. +SaharaReporters tell your journalist. he could have prevented the situation. he was so unprofessional. he talk more than he listens. fine! the man in orange had inform the soldiers about him taking pix, perharps he just wanted to know who your journalist is.your journalist should have listened and answered the soldiers accordingly. thanks

  8. ELIMINATE! ELIMINATE!! from the mouth of those idiots… Boko haram is there, they didnt eliminate them oooo…. But they can threaten the guy doing his work and just a civilian…. THESE IDIOTS COMPLAIN OF WEAPON WHEN POSTED TO BOKO HARAM TERRITORY BUT THEY CAN ELIMINATE CIVILIANS.. Nigeria, i hail thee… ofcourse, i still choose to believe these idiots at the accident scene cant be used as a generalization of the Military…. A world of Good and Bad people… Sane and insane…. Thanks Sahara TV.. Hard job indeed.

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